Welcome to the website of Dr. Denise F. Polit

Dr. Denise F. Polit (Ph.D., FAAN) is a world-renowned research methodologist who offers a range of services and products to nursing and health care researchers.

She has used her expertise throughout the world to:

  • Give lectures, seminars, and workshops on research-related topics, including how to design rigorous studies, write successful research grant applications, develop sound measures, and analyze research data
  • Provide consulting services on research design, measurement and instrument development, data analysis, and grantsmanship
  • Teach undergraduate, graduate students, and researchers about up-to-date methods for quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research via her award-winning textbooks and other publications

Find out how Dr. Polit can help you with your research endeavors.

To view Dr. Denise Polit’s full curriculum vita, go to the Vita and Download page

TIP: For those who want to appear “in the know,” Denise’s last name is pronounced: po-LEET’, not PAUL’-it.